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  • A. Soldier webpages - helps drive traffic directly to your website.

    B. Relevant backlinks - helps gain better search engine rankings.

    Establish a permanent competitive advantage with this unique 1 year (no hidden cost) program.

  • Soldier websites are totally independent business profile pages that will be created for your company and submitted to search engines year-round. This, in turn, will drive traffic to your existing website for no extra cost throughout the year. Each soldier webpage will be created on a keyword-friendly drywall website. In this case, we will create 70 soldier webpages for your company. As most of us know, 90% of the business is generated online these days. But did you know there are about 70 important keywords in your industry that help generate genuine leads? It is practically impossible for one website to cover all of the 70 keywords, that's where "soldier webpages" come in handy!

  • We are the only company in the industry that owns and maintains 70 drywall websites. Each domain name is a keyword in itself. You can check the list of these 70 websites below. Within 15 minutes not only you get listed in all of these 70 websites, but 1 Keyword per webpage is generated for your company using the information provided to us by you. See sample profile page here.

  • It does not take more than 15 minutes to sign up with us. You can use the link shown below to sign up or do it over the phone with one of our sales associates: 888-887-8586

  • 1. First, your company profile will be created with "1 drywall keyword" per website. With our 70 websites, you will end up securing 70 webpages for your company. Meaning each webpage will have its own unique keyword while it's associated with one drywall website.

    2. These webpages are then regularly submitted to search engines for no extra charge to you.

    3. Each webpage links back to your company's website and is advertised with your company's profile and phone numbers. This will help cover 70 important keywords independently without putting all the stress on one website.

    End Results?

    You have killed two birds with one stone!

    a. Now you have 70 of these soldier webpages spread all over the internet generating traffic all year-around!

    b. Since you also receive relevant backlinks from each one of these 70 webpages, it helps your existing website achieve better search engine rankings.

  • If you do not know this already, it's time for you educate yourself by watching this important video - click here >>

  • We will show your business profile in NINE cities in all 70 websites, where each website is keyword based platform within Drywall Industry. We made sure our contractors have access to multiple leads year-round, which is why we have 70 websites with most popular Drywall keywords searched by customers looking for Drywall Services. You get to choose any NINE cities during the sign up process. So in a nutshell you will be on 9 cities and 70 websites, that is a total of 560 pages with one sign-up! Maximum Exposure! See list of all the websites below.

  • These websites offer drywall services to customers throughout USA, you will be listed in each one of them and each website is a keyword by itself that gives you maximum exposure:


    Drywall Contractors

    drywallcontractorsnearme.com wallrepaircontractor.com sheetrockrepaircontractor.com
    drywallcompaniesnearme.com drywallceilingrepairs.com fixholeinwall.com
    drywallinstallationcost.com drywallrepairnearme.com sheetrockrepaircontractors.com
    fixholeindrywall.com patchingdrywallhole.com drywallceilingrepair.com
    plasteringcontractorsnearme.com sheetrockrepairservice.com paintingpopcornceiling.com
    drywallceiling.com patchingholesindrywall.com repairpopcornceiling.com
    howtofixaholeinthewall.com scrapingpopcornceiling.com homerepairservicesnearme.com
    howtofixdrywall.com handymanservicenearme.com drywallsupplynearme.com
    findhandymaninyourarea.com howtofixholeindrywall.com homeimprovementnearme.com
    howtorepairholeindrywall.com localgeneralcontractorsnearme.com generalcontractorlistings.com
    commercialgeneralcontractorsnearme.com constructioncontractorsnearme.com homerepaircontractorsnearme.com
    residentialcontractorsnearme.com remodelingcontractornearme.com remodelingcontractorsnearme.com
    homeremodelingcompaniesnearme.com bathroomremodelcontractorsnearme.com renovationcontractorsnearme.com
    commercialcontractorsnearme.com constructioncompaniesnearme.com houseremodelingcontractors.com
    kitchenandbathremodelingcontractors.com bathroomcontractornearme.com bathroomremodelcompanies.com
    kitchencontractorsnearme.com kitchenremodelingcontractorsnearme.com remodelingcontractorin.com
    sidingcontractorsnearme.com stuccocontractorsnearme.com stuccorepaircontractor.com

    General Contractors

    localgeneralcontractorsnearme.com generalcontractorlistings.com constructioncompaniesnearme.com
    constructioncontractorsnearme.com residentialcontractorsnearme.com remodelingcontractornearme.com
    remodelingcontractorsnearme.com homeremodelingcompaniesnearme.com houseremodelingcontractors.com
    renovationcontractorsnearme.com commercialcontractorsnearme.com commercialgeneralcontractorsnearme.com

    Restoration Services

    firedamagerestorationservices.com stormdamagerestorationservices.com moldspecialistnearme.com
    moldcompaniesnearme.com waterrestorationcompanynearme.com bathroomremodelcompanies.com
  • Contractors and companies who offer drywall ceiling services, how to replace sheetrock texture, wall crack repair, suspended ceiling installation, popcorn ceiling repair, interior painters, aluminum studs, metal studs lowes, sheetrock patch, fixing drywall cracks, replacing drywall & acrylic stucco services (residential or commercial) should sign up. Below are a few of the several benefits:

    A. Generate leads for next 12 months - No monthly cost, pay-per-lead or hidden fees.

    B. New! Improve your search engine rankings with multiple "relevant back-links" to your website, using our keyword-friendly website networking program (details explained below).

    C. New! Using our one of a kind technology, automatically generate multiple business profile pages of your company. These multiple webpages are submitted to search engines on your behalf regularly for no charge, this helps increase your online presence and helps gain more exposure all year-around (details explained below).

  • A lot of companies offer leads, but nobody has our technology and can offer what we offer to our clients!

    Not only we provide multiple back-links to your website which helps you gain better search engine rankings, but in addition (for no extra charge) we generate multiple business profile pages of your company with below keyword-friendly websites. These newly created relevant webpages of your business are then submitted to search engines for maximum exposure, this in return brings extra traffic to your website and generates multiple leads year-around.

    How does this help?

    As we all know Customers looking for DRYWALL services online search using different platforms and/or website(s). They search using their cell phones or their ipads or computers on Google or Bing or Yahoo and we make sure our contractor listing pages appear on all such platforms. Lets take an example of one city "Houston, TX". Following example applies to every city in USA. So for example Jessica in Houston is searching for help with "Drywall Installers " using her cell phone, while Richard in same city (Houston) is looking for "Drywall Patch Repair " services using his ipad, and at the same time Tony in Houston is looking for help with "Sheetrock Texture" using his laptop. If you are a Houston Drywall Contractor, your website may appear on the 1st page for one of the above customers, but won't appear for all these 3 customers. Your marketing team probably managed to get you on the front pages for Drywall Patch Repair so Richard is able to contact you, but you most likely are not on the front pages for Jessica and Tony. That said, you have lost two possible leads in your town if you are not covered for all the keywords online. Above are the only 3 examples of local customers. There are thousands of customers throughout the year looking for different types of drywall services and they search using different keywords. If you are only popular with 3-4 keywords online, that means you have access to only 10% of the business out there, you are losing rest to the competition. We only charge ONE Flat fee a year, there are no recurring charges or pay per lead expenses with us. You pay as little as $249 flat fee for the entire year.

  • Absolutely not! Unlike other companies we do not charge you a penny for your lead generation. You have direct contact with customers. They will call you directly or email you requesting free estimates, we do not intervene! See the video below that demonstrates on how this works.

  • Click here to get started, it's a simple 10-15 min sign up and you are set for a year!

  • Customers looking for drywall services do not always stumble upon Homeadvisor, Angies List, Porch Or Thumbtack. People searching for drywall contractors use different platforms using their cell phones, computers or tablets on Google or Bing Or Yahoo. Although you may be getting some leads from other services, you will be missing out on others while not being on all the above websites. Each one of our above website(s) is a keyword in itself and it guarantees you leads year-round for no extra cost. There is only one-time flat fee, no cost for leads, as low as $249 for the whole year!

  • Unlike others, we are strictly dedicated to drywall Industry. Our website names say it all! No hvac, electricians, plumbers or painters listed on our website! Local customers who are strictly looking for drywall services appreciate this fact, they are never confused!

  • Your profile will not just be listed on one website, but 70 drywall service offering websites for no extra charge. Besides you can sign up for as little as $249 a year! That is only 27 cents a day on 560 pages! Look at it this way, for the whole year even if you end up with minimum of "one" customer you get your money's worth. You have nothing to risk but $249 a year. Unless you shut down or have bad business reviews from local customers, you should expect to receive several enquiries and customers throughout the year, that's our money back guarantee!

  • Our goal is to network with best drywall contractors in every town across America. We believe if our services are reasonably priced, not only it will help local drywall companies grow, but will help homeowners find best options available in the industry for home improvemnet solutions. We thrive upon delivering best drywall contractors in town to local customers with limited amount of effort!

  • Yes, you can select upto 9 cities. If you need your profile in more cities or in multiple states, please email us and one of our account specialists will get in touch with you to custom create your package accordingly.

  • Yes, this is optional feature and its FREE to add your promotions on our business profile pages. From a recent survey done within the service industry it's very clear customers traditionally like to receive $100 off on service calls or new installations for example. Coupons are not manadatory, but it helps with generating leads and it's very simple to add! You will have your own account login and password where you can sign in and add coupons. You can add, edit or remove this any day as well at your convinience, throughout the year!

  • Our process is very simple and it should not take more than 10-15 minutes to sign up. If you do not have some information (e.g your comapny logo) at present, you can still finish signing up and always come back to update or add at a later date.

  • We can build you one for free or you can choose not to have one.

  • Absolutely, we allow you to add your website link to your business listing.

  • We can build you one for half the market cost or you can choose not to have one. You can still use our business listing page as your webpage for FREE, e.g http://www.drywallcontractorsnearme.com/patch-repair-company-in-houston/hi-precision-drywall-1039

  • Yes! To see a live example and understand your profile listing page, we recommend you watch the video below that demonstrates the details. But here is an example of how a business profile gets listed on our pages. Remember this is just an example of one city, your listing will appear in your city plus 8 nearby cities of your choice:

  • Watch the video below to see an example of how a customer will find you through search engines. This is how it works - Your business profile (ads) will be in all of our 52 websites that are specifically structured for generating drywall leads and these 52 websites are advertised and listed on various search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. When a local customer in your city/town visits our website, they end up seeing your profile and they are able to call or email you directly. We do not interfere between you and the customer. There is no cost involved for any leads.

    Plus as an added bonus now you get leads from our affiliated real estate network!

    We have a unique setup on 200 Real Estate websites that brings more traffic and business to our contractors. For no extra charge to you, we show your ads to: a. Sellers who need help with repair services prior to listing properties on market. b. Home Buyers who need help with new drywall or replacements soon after purchase. c. Brokers/Agents seeking contractors for inspections or repairs of a property prior to listing. Here is an example page, you will see banners and links on the right side recommending contractors to buyers and seller in every single city in USA. Similarly your ads will be displayed through several such websites, for e.g: http://www.realestateforsaleinusa.com/local-contractors

  • Our plans are as follows:


    9 Cities - 70 Website
    One Time Annual Cost - $0 Per Lead
    1st position + free banner ads
    6 Cities - 70 Website
    One Time Annual Cost - $0 Per Lead
    2nd position
    3 Cities - 70 Website
    One Time Annual Cost - $0 Per Lead
    3rd position
  • Customers will be able to contact you in four different ways:
    a. By calling you directly.
    b. Contact form assigned to your company on business profile page.
    c. Visiting your website directly through our listing pages.
    d. Using our free online "Request Estimate" forms of your company. You will receive direct estimate requests from customers as per example below:



  • As explained above, if you are not on major platforms in the industry chances are you are losing valued business. Not everyone in your city will search for drywall service contractors the same way or on the same websites or search engines. We make sure that our websites appear on all platforms and networks online, with our plans you get better exposure throughout the year with our 52 website structure!

  • KINGERSONS launched its business in 2001 as a Building Material Supplier in New York. Overtime we branched out in several states and established great relationships with contractors across the nation. We saw a disconnect between customers looking for drywall services online and contractors who were failing to generate constant leads while staying busy with other part of their business. Our online lead generation service was built specifically to help customers connect with local drywall companies with ease. Unlike Homeadvisor or Angies List or Yellowpages, our websites are strictly dedicated to drywall Industry. No plumbers, electricians, painters on our website(s)! Local customers appreciate this fact, who are strictly looking for services ranging from Drywall/Sheetrock Installations, Wall Patch -Hole Repairs, Popcorn Ceiling Removals, Insulation Services, Storm Restoration, Mold Removal etc. Our value to a business is its ability to deliver consumers to trustworthy businesses.

  • Within 24 hours your business listing will be live in all of our 70 websites and email with confirmation will be sent out upon approval.

  • Click here to get started, it's a simple 10-15 min sign up and you are set for a year!

  • Sure! Feel free to call or text: (888) 887-8586 Or Email us: plans@homeprosaver.com

What an amazing experience. Detailed, knowledgeable, prompt & courteous. Replaced a section of a wall in our guest house. They were great to work with on the estimate, installation team was fantastic, owner came after to check everything was perfectly finished. They are honest workers and did not disappoint!! Charged about $100 less than other quotes we received. Great service, Outstanding People!

Steve & Rachel
Tampa, FL

We called this drywall company for sheetrock installation, they were on time and after understanding the job gave us a reasonable quote that we could not refuse. They picked up sheetrocks locally, in couple of hours they installed and finished the wall. Thank you! We will definitely be recommending them to our friends & family for other projects. Super friendly and left the place clean. Price was great too. Really a class act!

Jason L.
Houston, TX

We had an issue with roof leaks, ceiling had to be redone, they finished the job same day! They even matched the texture & the customer service was beyond good. Could not ask for more, they quoted on the job, offered a fair price, showed up exactly on time, a perfect experience!

Samantha R.
San Jose, CA
What Are The Benefits?
How Will Local Customers Find Me?
Here we have demonstrated on how our websites appear on search result pages and how a local customer in your city will find your business and contact you. This video also displays how you generate leads!
Why Join Our Services?
Where Will My Business Profile Appear?
Here is why more and more drywall companies are signing up daily with us: - One Time Yearly Sign Up Flat Fee! FREE Drywall Leads - No Hidden Cost! Get Listed In Upto 9 cities - No Extra Cost! Direct Access To Customers - We do not get involved between you and the customers! No fees for adding your promotions or coupons.

Example Customer Quote Request!

This is how our contractors receive emails from customers with complete information.
Kenneth Miles
Jackson, MS
Wall Damage
We bought this new house and it has some damage on the walls. We have already moved into the house, need someone to finish this soon as possible. Would prefer if the job was completed this weekend.
Daniel Meyer
Knoxville, TN
Mold Removal
Just got back from the vacation and found this mold in one of our spare bedrooms. Not sure if this was due to the recent storms, but we need these removed and replaced ASAP. Please provide quotes with few options!
Parick Farrelly
Miami, FL
Cracks & Hole Repairs
Mother-in-law building on our property needs some remodeling & renovations. we found holes in the wall that needs to be repaired. Looking to find someone local who can help fix this at a reasonable cost. Feel free to text or call me anytime to schedule appointment.
Selina Thorpe
Houston, TX
Drywall Remodeling
We have an office space in our warehouse with an unfinished room. It needs a new ceiling, sheetrock repairs, plaster finish & also painting. May require knockdown texture and new insulation in some places. Would like this done possibly in 2 weeks. Please Help!
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