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No not your own pair of worn out shoulders but the shoulders on your wallboard im wondering about??? Im not sure what you would call it but here in nz the makers of our wallboard call it shoulders, or high shoulders to be exact. Its the point were the bevel starts and tapers down to the edge, sometimes this point is raised which sure can make flatboxing interesting. I did use a 14inch trowel for finish coating by hand so burying these was easy as you could see them and get them under the mud but with boxing it a different story, they can ride on this point. Ok set more crown on the box your saying but then it can be to much crown and not very flat. So anyway in these pics i have taped then 7 boxed, then 10 boxed, fairly tight but not to tight as you can see there is a fair amount of mud past the shoulder then i will 12 box and try to get these just buryed so just a light sand is needed but not to expose them. As i said, i could set the crown higher but then its a bit much and you can make out the seam under harsh light and we just cant be having that now can we. I have been using usg total which is a little see though which does not help with coverage. And tape tech easy clean boxes with the 10 box being set on 2 so its not that tight, a 1 setting would be a bit much mud. I have read on here some 8 box then 12, others 7 then 10, so im just wondering if your wallboard is like this or is it just us in nz??? And how would you box board like this??? it can change along the length of the board, appear for a few feet then dissapear, some areas worse than others etc and need more attention. So please be nice and any input on this would be great, cheers. And the last pic is the project in mention added just to make this post more interesting.
Category: Drywall Post By: DOROTHY WILSON (Newton, MA), 02/09/2018

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